Promotion of fake campaign in the name of Emirates on the occasion of Ramadan

Recently, a campaign link titled ‘Emirates Ramadan gift’ has been spreading on social media Facebook and message sharing platforms Messenger and WhatsApp.

Screenshot: Facebook

Checkout a link posted on Facebook here. View the archived version of it here.
Checkout the screenshots of spreading the campaign on Messenger and WhatsApp.

Screenshot: WhatsApp and Messenger

Check out some of the fake campaign website links here, here and here.
View the archived versions of those websites  here, here and here.

Screenshot: Fake Campaign Website

Fact Check

According to Rumor Scanner’s investigation, Dubai-based airlines company Emirates is not giving 30,000 taka as a gift on the occasion of Ramadan rather, those fake websites has been created for the purpose of cheating by using Emirates name and logo.

At the beginning of the investigation, Rumor Scanner team entered into the campaign website to verify the authenticity of the campaign. Here it showing “Congratulations! Emirates Ramadan gift. Through the questionnaire, you will have a chance to get 30000 taka.”

Screenshot: Fake Campaign Website

Later on, four questions come up in sequence. Where questions are asked about age, gender and Emirates.

Screenshot: Fake Campaign Website 

This step has been completed by answering all the questions correctly. Then the next step showing ‘Congratulations! Your answer has been saved successfully.” After that, 9 gift boxes has shown by saying “you have a chance to win gifts. You must select the correct box with your prize inside. You have 3 attempts. Good luck!”

Screenshot: Fake Campaign Website

To verify this step, a box is randomly selected from the displayed gift box by Rumor Scanner team.Then there regrettably informed that the selected box is empty and there are still two chances. After selecting another box, money is seen coming out of the selected box.Then a text showing ” Congratulations. You did it. You won 30000 taka”

Screenshot: Fake Campaign Website

The next step is to tell 5 Facebook groups or 20 friends about this campaign. Here the option of messaging platforms Messenger and WhatsApp is given to inform about the campaign. Clicking on them will bring up the option to send a link to those apps.

Screenshot: Fake Campaign Website
Is Emirates offering any such offer?

The website that claim to give such gift offer is a fake website.Besides, the authenticity of the offer could not be found from the official website and verified Facebook page of Dubai-based airlines company Emirates or any other reliable source.

That is, on reviewing the above data, it is clear that no such offer was offered by Emirates in the said campaign.

Basically, an information has recently spread on social media Facebook and message sharing platforms Messenger and WhatsApp claiming Ramadan gift offer on behalf of Dubai based airlines company Emirates. However, investigation by the Rumor Scanner Team revealed that the claim is being circulated for fraudulent purposes by creating fake websites using Emirates’ name and logo.

Notably, in the past several times the website of various organizations has been imitated for the purpose of fraud. At that time, Rumor Scanner published  fact-check reports identifying those issues as false.

So, using the name of Emirates through some fake websites, it is being claimed that a gift of Tk 30,000 is being given by the organization on the occasion of Ramadan; Which is completely false.


RS Team
Rumor Scanner Fact-Check Team
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