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Naseem Shah did not propose Urvashi Rautela to marry

Recently, a claim titled “Pakistani cricketer Naseem Shah proposes marriage to Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela” has been circulating on social media and mainstream media. Based on a viral short video clip, social media users claimed and some media outlets reported that Naseem Shah proposed marriage to Urvashi in an interview.

Several media publications have reported the claim, including Indian Express, India Today, Anandabazar Patrika, Zee News Bangla, Ei Shomoy, and others from India; The News and Pakistan Observer from Pakistan; Daily Manabzamin, Ajker Patrika, News24, Amader Shomoy,The Daily Campus, and others from Bangladesh.

Some posts circulating on Facebook regarding this claim can be seen here, here and here. Archive version of those posts can be seen here, here and here. The same claim being spread on Twitter can be seen here and here


According to the Rumor Scanner investigation, the claim that Pakistani cricketer Naseem Shah proposed marriage to Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela is not true. Rather the claim is based on an edited video and reported in several media outlets in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

To verify the authenticity of the viral claim, Rumor Scanner conducted a keyword search and found the interview video of Naseem Shah from February of this year. 

Initially, the Rumor Scanner team observed the video based on which the claim that Naseem Shah proposed marriage to Urvashi Rautela has been circulating.

Screenshot: Tweeter

In the said video, when a journalist asked Naseem Shah if he has any message about Indian actress Urvashi, Naseem Shah is heard saying, ‘Agar mein messege dunga toh applok viral kardenge’…. ‘taiyar ho dulhan to… uch time.. shadi karlonga.’ (If I give the message, you people will make it viral…. If the bride is ready then I will get married.’) 

When we look closely at the viral video, we can see that ‘Agar mein messege dunga toh applok viral kardenge’ is followed by ‘taiyar ho dulhan to… thoda time lagega, shadi kar lunga.’ This part appears to have been edited and pasted together.

Upon searching for the full video clip of Naseem Shah, we came across a YouTube video titled ‘When is Naseem Shah getting married?’ on the YT channel ‘Events and Happening Sports.’ The video includes a lengthy speech by Naseem Shah during the event, and it was published on February 8th.

Screenshot: Youtube

At the 43rd second of the aforementioned video, a journalist can be seen asking Naseem Shah, ‘You have become a DSP… When are you getting married? (Sadab, Shaheen has done it and Haris Rauf is also going to do it)

In response to the question, Naseem Shah said, “Sir, basically, you should ask this question to my father because it will happen when my dad says the bride is ready. It’s not up to me. My father will decide, and I will get married when he says so.”

Here, The question related to marriage was not about Urvashi, and the answer has nothing to do with her so.

After the fifth minute of the same video, a reporter can be seen mentioning Urvashi and asking Naseem Shah if he had any message for the Indian actress. Naseem Shah laughed and replied, ‘If I give a message, you will make it go viral.’(‘Agar main message doonga toh aap log viral kar denge.’)

So, the two questions were clearly different and there was no link between the marriage-related question and Urvashi. However, someone took the Urvashi-related question and answer, edited it with the answer to the marriage-related question, and claimed that Naseem Shah had sent a marriage proposal to Urvashi.Then Several media outlets from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan reported on the edited video and spread the false claim widely.

Later, conducting a keyword search, we came across two reports from February on Naseem Shah’s interview session on Geo Super TV and Both articles mentioned the marriage-related Q&A in the same way and did not contain any mention of Urvashi Rautela in the question or answer.

Collage: Rumor Scanner

In a brief overview, in last February, Pakistani cricketer Naseem Shah participated in a question-and-answer session with reporters at an event. Among several questions asked to Naseem Shah were two different questions related to his marriage and Indian actress Urvashi Rautela.These two different question’s answers were edited together and falsely portrayed as Naseem Shah proposing marriage to Urvashi. Later, some media outlets from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan misreported on the edited video.

So, The claim that Naseem ‘Shah sent a marriage proposal to Urvashi Rautela in an interview’ is false.


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RS Team
RS Team
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