The right method of drinking juice with a straw

Recently a photo has gone viral on Social Media Facebook describing the right and wrong way to drink juice with a straw.

Check out some of the Facebook posts here (archive) and here (archive).


According to Rumor Scanner’s investigation, this claim is not correct, rather the way we have been drinking juice by inserting a straw into the container is correct. This method can be seen in the advertising videos or pictures of all the companies producing this type of juice in the world.

Check out a juice ad from India here (archive).

Screenshot: YouTube 

Check out a juice ad of Bangladeshi company Pran here (archive).

Screenshot: YouTube

Who decided that inserting the straw in this method is wrong and the opposite is correct?

Rumor Scanner team found that a person named Protik Islam-Jakobsson tweeted (archive) a meme about his baby daughter drinking juice by inserting the short end of a juice straw into a juice container, and that he tweeted this picture of two methods of inserting straw there on June 6, 2022.  Basically this picture is being edited by using the conventional method of cross marks and ticking the reverse method to determine the issue as wrong and is currently being propagated.

Screenshot: Twitter 

Moreover, a facebook post (archive) with the text ‘How do you put your straw in?’ can be found on another Facebook page published on June 09, 2022.

Screenshot: Facebook

There is no indication whether the method is wrong or right.

However, in Bangladesh, the matter evolved and the wrong-right method was approved! Which quickly became viral on Facebook.

Also, the long end of the straw is sharpened so that the straw can be easily pierced through the juice container.

Image by Rumor Scanner

As the straw is shaped to the size of the juice container, inserting the short end of the straw allows it to fit completely inside the container.

So, the conventional method is the correct method. But since it is a matter of juice consumption, one can consume it in the way he likes or in the way he feels comfortable, there is no problem. But promoting the right method as wrong is never desirable.


RS Team
Rumor Scanner Fact-Check Team
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