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The video of people protesting in Chicago on behalf of Palestinians is old

Recently, a video depicting a protest by people in support of Palestinians on the streets of Chicago has gained widespread attention on the internet, with claims that it represents a recent event.

In the mentioned claims, several videos posted on Facebook can be viewed here (archive), here (archive), here (archive), and here (archive).

Find videos on YouTube at this link here (archive).

Fact Check

Investigations by the Rumor Scanner team found that there was a recent protest in Chicago in support of the Palestinians, the circulated video is not from recent times but is being promoted as recent from a video of 2021.

In the initial stages of the search, a reverse image search revealed a video from May 17, 2021, on a Facebook account named “AMU Citizens”.

Video Comparison: Rumor Scanner

The video’s caption indicated that it was related to a protest rally in Chicago in support of Palestine at that time.

Further research uncovered a report titled “Thousands protest in downtown Chicago over Israel-Palestine conflict” published on the website of ABC7 Chicago, an Australian news outlet, on May 13, 2021.

According to the report, the protest took place in downtown Chicago in response to Israeli actions in Jerusalem, escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine, and protests against Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza. Thousands of people gathered in the heart of Chicago during that time.

Additionally, it is important to note that the video in question, along with the associated video, is not recent.

On the same day, a live video associated with this event can also be found on the YouTube channel of ABC7 Chicago.

In essence, the video of the discussed protest is not recent.

However, even though this video is from 2021, there has been a recent protest in Chicago in response to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Mainly, a video of a recent protest in Chicago in support of Palestinians has been circulating on the internet, with claims of it being a recent event. However, upon investigation by the fact-checking team, it has been revealed that the video is not recent but dates back to 2021. The video pertains to a protest in Chicago in response to the Israel-Palestine conflict, which began on October 7, 2021. Therefore, the video is not related to recent events. In reality, the video of the 2021 protest against Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza is being shared as a recent claim.

Given the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, there have been numerous instances of misinformation being disseminated, and fact-check reports have already been published by Rumor Scanner.

So, the video of the 2021 protest in support of Palestinians in Chicago is being circulated as a recent claim, which is misleading.


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RS Team
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