Digital artwork is claimed to be a real human eye image

Recently, a photo titled “The Human eye looks like a black hole” has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook. Here, the image of the eye has been circulated as a real photograph of a human eye.

Some posts circulating on Facebook regarding this claim can be seen here, here and here. Archive version of those posts can be seen here,here and here

The same claim being spread on Twitter can be seen here and here.


According to the Rumor Scanner’s investigation, the eye’s photo is not an authentic photograph of a human eye; rather digital artwork is claimed to be a real human eye image.

Through a reverse image search, the same image was found published on the photo-sharing website Pinterest under the title “Jenya Filimonov — Realistic Eye.”

Screenshot from Pinterest website

Subsequently, the original image source with proper details was found, posted by Jenya Filimonov on April 1, 2019, on the digital artists platform ‘CGSOCIETY.’ In the artwork’s description, he wrote, “Hello! This is a collaborative project between myself and Roman Lovygin. I handled the modeling, sculpting, and texturing, while Roman Lovygin was responsible for lookdev, lighting, rendering, and compositing.”

Screenshot from CG SOCIETY website 

We also came across the image on Jenya Filimonov’s Instagram and website. Jenya Filimonov, a digital artist, along with Roman Lovygin, utilized three-dimensional rendering software technology to create the digital eye image.

Screenshot from Jenya Filimonov’s Instagram 

Moreover, on Jenya Filimonov’s website and Instagram, you can find images of the original design as well as render time images.

Screenshot from Jenya Filimonov’s Instagram

Bottom Line 

An eye image digitally created by Jenya Filimonov in collaboration with Roman Lovygin has been circulating as a real photograph of human without appropriate contextual information being mentioned.

Therefore, Digital artwork is claimed to be a real human eye image; which is misleading.


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RS Team
RS Team
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