Fake Notice Claims Rewards for Converting Hindu Women in Bangladesh

A notice circulating on social media, allegedly issued by the Bangladesh Jamiyat Ahl-Al-Hadith, purportedly details rates for converting Hindu women to Islam. This notice has been widely shared by several Indian Right Wing users along with its translation after it was posted by X handle ‘Voice of Bangladeshi Hindus’.

The notice says– “Thank you to all of you who are participating in the invitational work. May the mercy of Allah be upon you. As per our team’s new decision for all camps, a new award has been set. It is as follows:

Brahmin girl: 3,00,000 Taka 

Indian Bengali Girl: 2,00,000 Taka 

Namasudra: 50,000 Taka

Entire family: 5,00,000 Taka”

Some of the X posts regarding the claim can be found here, here, here and here.


Rumor Scanner’s investigation has confirmed that the notice circulating online, purportedly issued by the Bangladesh Jamiyat Ahl-Al-Hadith and suggesting rates for converting Hindu women to Islam, is morphed and fabricated. The claim is indeed false.

Initially, we examined the notice and found that the date indicated was February 6, 2022. Subsequently, a reverse image search of the notice image led to the discovery of the original notice on the website of Bangladesh Jamiyat Ahl-Al-Hadith, published on 7 February 2022. They also published the notice on their official Facebook page on the same date.

Screenshot of the original notice 

Upon comparison, it was evident that while the reference number, date, and other details matched, the body text of the notice with reference number ‘বা/জ/আ/হা/৪৫/০২/২২/৯২’ had been edited and altered in the circulated version.

Notice comparison 

Upon closer observation of the circulated notice, several flaws were detected. In the viral image, the phrase “বিশেষ বিজ্ঞপ্তি” (Special Notice) is aligned with the salutation, a rare occurrence in official letters. Additionally, the placement of the word “ধন্যবাদান্তে” (Thanking You) in the same line as the body of the letter differs from its position in the original notice. In the original notice, this word appears after the body. These inconsistencies strongly indicate that the content of the notice regarding rates for converting Hindus was superimposed onto the original notice.

The original notice discovered on the official website provides a concise summary of the resolutions adopted during the fourth assembly of the governing council of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Hadith on February 5, 2022. It underscores the importance of fostering Quranic and Hadith education among the Muslim populace. The notice declares the commencement of regular Quran and Hadith classes in the mosques of all branches within the organizational jurisdiction of the district, urging recipients to arrange for these initiatives in their respective areas.

Additionally, upon contacting Bangladesh Jamiat Ahle Hadith regarding the matter, they officially denounced it as false and fabricated. They issued a press release explicitly addressing the propaganda and provided us with a link to the press release published on their website and social media handles.

Therefore, a notice dated February 2022, extracted from the Bangladesh Jamiyat Ahl-Al-Hadith website or social media handles, was distorted and propagated by Voice of Bangladeshi Hindus and Indian Right Wing X users. The edited image purportedly displayed rates for converting Hindu women in Bangladesh, whereas the original notice merely announced the launch of regular Quran and Hadith classes in all affiliated mosques.

So, The circulating notice claiming reward rates for converting Hindu girls in Bangladesh is fake and fabricated.


  1. Original notice of Bangladesh Jamiyat Ahl-Al-Hadith 
  2. Statement and Press release of Bangladesh Jamiyat Ahl-Al-Hadith 
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Rumor Scanner Fact-Check Team
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