Fact-Check: Charlie Puth Is Not Visiting Bangladesh in February 

It has recently been reported in multiple media outlets in Bangladesh that American singer Charlie Puth is coming to Bangladesh. Since December 25, these reports have been claiming that the American singer will visit Bangladesh in the upcoming February, as announced by a local event management company named Silverline Event. The company also reportedly set the ticket prices for this event.

Charlie Puth

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Fact Check

The investigation by the Rumor Scanner team reveals that the news of Charlie Puth coming to Bangladesh is not correct. Instead, a fake event management company has announced Charlie Puth’s supposed visit in February for financial fraud. They promoted ticket sales and campaigns on their Facebook page. However, Charlie Puth’s representatives have informed Rumor Scanner that the news of his coming to Bangladesh is not true.

The Rumor Scanner team initially tried to trace the source of this claim. The news in various media outlets (1, 2, 3)  since December 25 quoted a post from a facebook page named ‘Silverline Events,’ stating that Charlie Puth would come to Bangladesh in February 2024. Though the date was not finalized yet, ticket sales were to start soon, as reported. It was also mentioned that two Bangladeshi artists, Xefer Rahman and Tanveer Evan, would perform at the same concert.

We tracked down the discussed page, which posted a 45-second video (archive) titled “Get ready to be swept off your feet! Excitement is building as we proudly announce the BIGGEST concert of the year – CHARLIE PUTH LIVE IN DHAKA on February 2024!”

Screenshot: Facebook 

The Rumor Scanner team observed that this page (archive) was opened on June 30, 2015. At that time, it was named Queen’s College Dhaka. Suddenly, on December 10, the name was changed to Silverline Events.

Screenshot: Facebook

In other words, a college page changed its name to an event management company!

Analysis of the page’s posts revealed more startling information. For instance, a New Year’s greeting image posted in 2019 was actually published on December 10. This suggests the use of Facebook’s business manager tools to publish posts with backdated timestamps.

Screenshot collage: Rumor Scanner 

A Facebook post (archive) by a person named Nafisa Nawal reveals that among the career fair photos posted by the page, at least two of them do not relate to the mentioned fairs.

Screenshot: Facebook 

The so-called Silverline Event announced on December 28 that tickets for Charlie Puth’s concert would be available and posted (archive) a website address on their page.

Screenshot: Facebook

Visiting the website, it was mentioned that the concert would be organized at the ICCB Expo Zone in Dhaka on February 10, 2024, which is a Friday, but actually, February 10 is a Saturday.

Screenshot: Silverline Events Website 

We spoke with the authorities at the ICCB Expo Zone in Dhaka. They said that the alleged organization had contacted them but did not confirm the booking. 

In other words, even though the venue was not finalized, the website mentioned it as the location.

The website’s same page lists the address of the organization as 73/74 Karim’s Icon, Asian Highway, Chattogram 4100. However, we found that no office of Silverline Event exists at this address; instead, there’s a ‘DHL Express Service Point.’

Screenshot collage: Rumor Scanner

Three types of tickets are being sold for the concert, ranging from a minimum of 2,000 to a maximum of 12,000 Taka.

Screenshot: Silverline Events Website 

The domain for this website was registered on December 12.

In other words, the website was launched soon after the page was renamed.

During our investigation, from the evening of December 28, access to the Silverline Event page and the ticket-selling website was no longer possible.

However, many had already purchased tickets from the website.

Screenshot: Silverline Events Website 

To inquire about Charlie Puth’s upcoming concerts, the Rumor Scanner team visited his official website, which currently does not list any dates for upcoming concerts.

To verify whether Charlie Puth’s concert was known to them, we spoke with Charlie Puth’s agent, Matt Elam, on behalf of the Rumor Scanner team. He said, “I am not sure how this news originated, but it is not correct. There is no schedule for Charlie to come to Bangladesh.”

Another agent of Charlie Puth, Brent Smith, told Rumor Scanner that neither Charlie nor his spokesperson had been contacted about this matter. They have no plans to go to Bangladesh at this moment.

Mr. Smith told the Rumor Scanner team that they are interested in learning more about this discussed issue. They want this misunderstanding to be resolved.

The Rumor Scanner team also tried to investigate who is behind this incident. A Facebook keyword search led us to at least three accounts that mention working at Silverline Event in their profiles. The first account is now deactivated, and the other two are locked.

Screenshot: Facebook

The first person is Rafat Khan. His profile picture shows him in a suit and tie, claiming he lives in Dhaka and studied at North South University. However, we found that the profile picture appears in multiple accounts across different platforms (1, 2), indicating the use of a fake image.

Screenshot collage: Rumor Scanner

The second person (archive) is named Bristi Sutradhar Puja. She claims to be the social media manager for Silverline Event. We couldn’t find any information during our investigation. Although this supposed customer service representative of Silverline talked with various media outlets (1, 2) in recent days, her number is currently unavailable.

The third person (archive) is Masha Ahmed. She claims to have studied at Chittagong University. Her profile is locked, but the life event update says that she graduated from Chittagong University in 2022. Interestingly, her profile picture, like Rafat Khan, is also collected from the internet. We found the existence of this picture in different accounts across multiple platforms (1, 2).

Screenshot collage: Rumor Scanner 

In other words, this account is also operated with a fake image.

We also tried to inquire whether Xefer Rahman and Tanveer Evan were aware of this matter. Jefar told a local media, “I received such a proposal. However, I have certain requirements for every concert, which I asked from the organization. But I did not sign any contract with them.” We tried to contact Tanveer Evan, but did not receive any response.

Bottom Line

The news in various media outlets since December 25 claimed that a local event management company named Silverline Event announced they would bring American singer Charlie Puth to Dhaka. The concert was supposed to be organized at the ICCB Expo Zone in Dhaka on February 10. However, after a thorough investigation, the Rumor Scanner team found that the Silverline Event is a fake organization that recently changed its name from an existing page and started this campaign and ticket sales. Amidst criticism, they removed the page and website. Moreover, Rumor Scanner was informed by Charlie Puth’s representatives that he has no plans to visit Bangladesh in the near future.

So, the claims of American singer Charlie Puth’s scheduled concert in Bangladesh, and the associated ticket sales by an entity named Silverline, are entirely false and part of a financial scam.


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Rumor Scanner Fact-Check Team
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