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A photo of Israel-Egypt border claiming that the photo is taken from Mexico-Guatemala border

Recently, with ‘This is the border fence Mexico built on their border with Guatemala to keep out freeloaders’ title a picture of a border fence is being claimed as the border wall of Mexico and Guatemala on different social media accounts.

Checkout some Facebook claim here, here and here.
Checkout the archive versions here, here and here.

Image Collage by Rumor Scanner  

On that same claim checkout a twitter post here(archive).

Fact Check

According to Rumor Scanner investigation, the photo of the border wall circulating on social media is not of the Mexico-Guatemala border but of the border wall between Israel and Egypt. 

Through a reverse image search, the photo was found in a report published on September 29, 2015 in a News-Media website called Middle East Eye. According to the report, this photo was captured on the Egypt-Israel border.

Based on the above information, the original image can be found on international image sharing website ‘Getty Images’. As mentioned there, on February 15, 2012 a photographer named Ahmad Gharabli took the photo from the Red Sea resort town on the Israel-Egypt border.

Source: Getty image

Through Reverse Image Search, a similar image can also be found in a report published in 2012 on Speigel International‘s website. According to the report, a photographer named Abir Sultan captured the the similar type photo from the Egypt-Israel border.

Accounting all the above evidence, it is certain that the picture in question is a picture of the Israel-Egypt border wall.

Basically, in 2012 a photographer named Ahmad Gharabli captured a photo of the Egypt-Israel border wall from the Red Sea resort town of the Egypt-Israel border. The photo has recently been circulating on social media claiming to be the Mexico-Guatemala border photo.

So, the photo of the Egypt-Israel border wall is circulating as the border wall of Mexico-Guatemala on different social media accounts; Which is completely false.


RS Team
Rumor Scanner Fact-Check Team
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