Fact-check: AI-generated Image Circulated as Real  ‘Egg Plants’

Recently, an image circulated on social media, claimed to be of ‘egg plants’.

AI-generated Image

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Fact Check

An investigation conducted by the Rumor Scanner Team has revealed that the image, seemingly depicting real flowers resembling fried eggs, is not of any actual flowers. Instead, it is a creation of artificial intelligence (AI).

Utilizing reverse image search, we located an identical image on the AI art website Civitai, uploaded by a user named ‘Flexability’ on January 6th.

Image Source: Civitai

The same post featured images of a cat and a fish, also resembling fried eggs.

We endeavored to replicate similar images on the Civitai website. By copying the command used for the original image and inputting it into the website’s creation tool, we successfully generated four images bearing a strong resemblance to the original.

Image Source: Civitai

Therefore, the image in question, which has been claimed to represent real flowers, is in fact a creation of AI.

Furthermore, we identified two types of plants known as Egg Plants. One is the Matilija poppy (Romneya coulteri), suitable for large areas and known for its sizable white flowers. The other is Polyspora axillaris, an evergreen tree suited for smaller spaces, featuring white and yellow flowers. However, neither of these plants matches the image in question.

Image Comparison: Rumor Scanner.

Bottom Line

An image has been widely circulated on social media, purported to be a photograph of egg plants. However, upon investigation by The Rumor Scanner Team, it has been determined that this image is not an authentic photograph, but rather a creation generated through artificial intelligence (AI). Our research identified two types of plants commonly known as Egg Plants, yet they bear no similarity to the image that has been circulating.

So, the claim that the circulated image represents real ‘egg plants’ is false.


RS Team
Rumor Scanner Fact-Check Team
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