Wednesday, October 4, 2023

This photo of Queen Elizabeth II being given a guard of honor by RSS members is edited

Recently, a photo with the claim "Queen Elizabeth is being given a guard of honor by the members of RSS uniform" is being circulated...

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Fact Check: Image of the photographer crying is not from Messi’s press conference

Recently, a photo of Argentine footballer Lionel Messi during his farewell conference from FC Barcelona is being shared on social media, attaching a photo...

The claim that US priest Father Hilarion Heagy converted to Islam is true 

Recently, an information titled "US Priest Father Hilarion Heagy Converts to Islam" has been reported on social media and media.The Claim in briefFacebook posts...

An open letter to YouTube’s CEO from the world’s fact-checkers

Ms. Susan Wojcicki,It’s been almost two years since the COVID-19 pandemic started. The world has seen time and time again how destructive disinformation and...

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Misinformation in Bangladeshi Media: Statistics for the first six months of 2023

For several years, the prevalence of disseminating false information through Bangladesh's media has been a highly discussed issue. As part of their responsibility, fact-checking...